Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Man of My Dreams

Yes. Scott Williams is the man of my dreams. Well, at least, he was the man of my dream.

I've never met Scott face-to-face, but last night I dreamt that I did. Interestingly enough, in my dream, Scott was about 5'2". And his wife was white (they're both black).

So the whole thing was pretty weird.

I wonder about dreams some times. Do they mean something? Do they ALL mean something? Do any of them mean something?

I think they do sometimes. I had a pretty crazy series of dreams about 2-3 years ago, all about the same person, so I definitely think God communicates to us through dreams. I just don't know how often. I'll write about it later this week.

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Anna said...

How funny! Scott is my boss... and I can tell you, he is deff. NOT 5'2'' LOL

I totally believe that dreams mean something... I've had dreams where God shows me something that's going to happen before it happens... kind of a prophetic thing. Weird.


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